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The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

Tuesday Jan 8, 2013

Did you consume more than your fair share of turkey, roast beef and spiral ham this holiday season? Perhaps it's time to consider The Thirty-Day Vegan Challenge, a multimedia online program, created by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, featuring written, audio and video content to give you everything you need to jumpstart your body back into action.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is a noted speaker, cookbook author, chef and advocate for the vegan lifestyle, and addresses the spiritual, social and practical aspects of a vegan lifestyle. She is the author of three cookbooks: "The Joy of Vegan Baking," "The Vegan Table," and "Color Me Vegan" - as well as as a book about integrating a vegan diet into your everyday life, "Vegan's Daily Companion," and her online program, "The 30-Day Vegan Challenge."

This most recent multimedia project offers participants the opportunity to explore vegan cooking through a variety of applications.

Where’s the Beef?

Goudreau has solutions for those of you wondering where you’ll get your protein, how to bake without eggs, or if you can really live without cheese, Goudreau addresses these issues through a multimedia online program featuring written, audio, and video content to give people everything they need to support a journey towards what she considers "optimal wellness."

Each day for 30 days, participants receive a daily email covering a different topic, from cooking and shopping to reading labels and socializing. Content is delivered in a variety of mediums: as written material, audio messages ("podcasts"), and videos. Each day also offers printable resources, menu ideas, meal suggestions, and brand-new recipes from Goudreau. Participants also get access to resources and content online through their own password-protected portal. The website also features community pages so participants can support each other, share tips, and discuss their progress.

Goudreau, who has appeared on the Food Network and PBS, says the mission of her work is to empower people to make informed food choices, to debunk myths about veganism and animal rights, and to give people the tools and resources they need to live according to their own values of compassion and wellness. She always says she’s not asking people to live according to her values; she’s urging people to live according to their own.

The 30-day program covers everything from stocking a healthful vegan kitchen to better baking without eggs. By the end of the month, participants also have the tools to "eat confidently and joyfully in social situations" and keep a balanced perspective, focusing on intention not perfection.

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